22 Passenger Limo Bus

22 passenger party bus

A Medium Size Party Bus

22 Passenger

All limo buses that we have are before their time. Although this limo bus slightly more advanced than the others. Along with our other vehicles, this limo bus has everything you need to make your trip to your event great. This limo bus is very modern in terms of how the interior is set up. Super plush seating offers you the comfort you deserve while vibrant lighting dazzles you. The way the lighting works on this limo bus simulates a futuristic kind of party environment. There are 3 televisions inside this bus along with a DVD/Blu Ray player as well.

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Don't worry about how you look while enjoying. Tinted windows conceal your actions and identity while taking your ride. Do you have a wild night in mind? Round up your friends and pack them onto this limo bus. Your reservation is only a phone call away. As may have noticed, our limo buses only get bigger and better as you go over the list. This limo bus just like all the others are designed to exceed what you expect.

limo bus exterior
inside the bus

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