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The 22 passenger limo is the next step up in our limo bus fleet. It's a tad larger than our 20 and 18 passenger limo buses. Every vehicle we have is epic, hands down. However, the 22 passneger is the starting point for offering more features. You will still have many of the feature of the other vehicles, just more of them. Mood lighting plays a huge role in your limo bus experience. As a result, mood lighting comes in every vehicle we offer.

This limo bus also has multiple bar areas and about 2 or 3 flat screen tvs. We provide all clients with the amenities required for unforgettable fun. So in addition to these features you'll find many other awesome ones. Our banging audio system will still fill your limo bus with great tunes. TVs and a media center featuring a DVD/Blu Ray player change the atmosphere of your trip too. Need a cool vehicle for your event? You should get in contact with Toledo Limo Bus. We'll help you find a working solution for your limo bus needs.