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The 18 passenger limo bus is the smallest limo bus we offer. Don't underestimate the size of this limo bus. It can easily seat up to 18 poeople. That's still a large group of individuals. This limo bus is not constrained by its size either. It still features many of the options that our larger limo buses carry. This limo bus is great for when you're having a more intimate sized outing or event. You will still have an amazing time with your crew in this limo bus. It's full of all the amenities a limo bus should feature.

Experience a mobile party with our marvelous club lighting. Feeling thirsty? Bring along the drinks then. The 18 passenger limo bus has a bar area that's pretty great. It already comes prestocked with cups and ice. You'll have quite the adventure while going to your event. Especially once you tap our advances sound systems. This limo bus comes with these features and so much more. Interested in seeing what this mini marvel has? Connect with Toledo Limo Bus. We'll help you set your reservation for a limo bus. You can also visit us to get a first hand view of what this and our other limo buses carry.